Industrial Placement Q and A

What degree do I need?

A degree relevant to the department you are interested in. You should have passed all your previous years of study and be on target for a 2:1 or above to be considered. We will need your university to confirm this.

Where will I be based?

In Crewe, England.

Do I need to speak any languages?

We operate internationally, therefore knowledge of other languages is beneficial. Competency in German is certainly an advantage.

What will I be doing and will I be supported?

You will have real objectives and projects, which will add value to both the business and yourself. We know this is probably your first experience of the world of work so we’ll ensure you’re fully supported by a sponsoring manager and the HR team. Your peer group will also be a great support over the 12 months you are with us.

Is there any opportunity to join the graduate programme after my placement is complete?

Quite possibly. We want to attract the best and you will have a 12-month head start on your rivals, so a successful placement could well lead to the offer of a place on the Graduate Development Programme. Consider it as having 12 months to impress!