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An Extraordinary Team

Bentley is an extraordinary company. It is much more than one of the world’s most renowned and well-loved luxury brands. For our customers, Bentley offers a unique combination of luxury and power that enhances and enriches their lives on a daily basis. For colleagues working for Bentley, in every part of the business, it offers engaging, exciting and absorbing careers that demand more from each of us. Inspired by our customers, we collaborate every day to deliver above and beyond what people expect from us. Jobs in luxury brands like Bentley offer extraordinary opportunities: the chance to be part of an exquisite brand, to influence the future not only of the company but also that of the automotive industry.

Few careers can bring you this close to the world of luxury and provide you with a deep understanding of how every detail creates a bigger story that engages and delights our customers. Working for Bentley also gives you an insight into another world – that of our customers. Our reach into this world is as wide as it is deep – we were appointed as Warrant holders to the Royal Household in 1955, and to this day create remarkable cars for some of the world’s leading elites. Each person takes their role and responsibilities very seriously so our passion for quality, luxury and power is delivered in every car. That’s why our leathercrafts people sign the reverse of each hide before it is fitted. It will never be seen by the customer, but our colleagues are deeply proud of their work.

Bentley offers many unique opportunities to explore, create and innovate in your career – not to mention to challenge yourself. Around half of our colleagues work directly on our cars, the other half support them – from designers to finance teams, logistics experts and planning teams. Some design different elements of each model, others put them together on the production line or create the finishing touches in our craft shops. Without each individual, our cars and our business would be less than perfect. Many people start working for Bentley fresh from school or university; others come from other automotive companies or even other industries. They all bring passion, skill and expertise to every job from manufacturing to motorsports. Some stay for a few years, some carve out entire careers here, sometimes with two generations following in their footsteps. What is clear is that everyone who joins us goes on to make a real difference as an integral part of our team. Are you ready for the challenge?

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