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The Commercial departments at Bentley support every aspect of what we do. Whether it is Finance, IT, HR, PR, or Sales and Marketing, all play a vital role in everything we do from car development and production to ensuring the brand and our cars are presented to the world in the right way.

The variety of skills required to keep Bentley moving forward in every division may not be immediately obvious. But we look to recruit the right specialist skills from a broad talent pool for our commercial jobs – in the automotive industry and beyond. The right colleagues must be in place to negotiate the best possible supplier deals. Our IT experts need to understand what is needed to keep our systems running but also how to develop bespoke software to answer challenges that are unique to producing our cars. Just as we strive for perfection in each car before it leaves the factory, we bring the same rigour to the commercial side of the business. Choosing the right words and images to represent the brand, and finding inspiring stories to capture the imagination of our customers are equally important to us as the quality of the hand-stitching on the interior of one of our cars.

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Finance is one of the key departments that ensures Bentley as a company runs as smoothly as our cars. Finance covers a wide range of roles, including reporting, financial data analysis, budget forecasting and resolving budget issues. Every member of the team in finance jobs at Bentley plays an important role in supporting and training other departments on process efficiency improvement as part of our continuing improvement approach. Working with planning engineers, purchasing helps with the long-term sourcing of parts for current and future models, making sure the best deals are struck with suppliers around the world. The department also plays an important part in ensuring the long-term profitability of Bentley by driving efficiency and cost-conscious buying practices. If you’d like to find out more about finance careers at Bentley, we’d like to hear from you.

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A robust and secure IT infrastructure and seamless IT support are vital to the smooth running of any modern business as the latest automotive technology is to our cars. And Bentley is no exception. Our IT team develops and delivers solutions for every technology need across the business. We are always careful to align IT projects with the company’s strategic goals and, on a wider stage, synchronise with Volkswagen Group initiatives that offer new systems and processes to improve the way we work. IT implement technical solutions across a diverse range of departments, from the commercial offices to the paint shop and production line. Often these departments require specialist skills and, at times, the ability to develop our own bespoke software to solve a challenge unique to Bentley. Discover more about the latest automotive IT jobs at Bentley here.

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Our HR department is here to drive a strong team. It is at the heart of the business and works with every colleague to deliver the objectives of the organisation. The goal is to secure the future of the company as a robust, sustainable business. HR covers everything from Health & Safety to site security and giving professional advice and guidance across the business, from the production line to the boardroom. Recognised as a Top Employer and awarded Silver accreditation by Investors in People, the team offers best-in-class HR solutions and service. HR jobs in the automotive industry are interesting and challenging. Our HR people are passionate about Bentley and are always looking for ways to make it a better place to work. Key to this is the ability to develop our people by focusing on Career Development, Performance Management, Reward and Recognition, Employee Relations, Colleague Engagement and Dialogue, Health and Wellbeing, Change Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Find out more about HR opportunities at Bentley.

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Communicating the Bentley brand internally and to the wider world is vital to our continued success. Our luxury brand Marketing and Communications teams work closely to set the tone for our communications. Together they consistently tell stories that bring the brand to life for owners, potential customers, enthusiasts and the press. But these aren’t just any stories – they must engage peoples’ hearts and minds, and inspire them to tell their own stories about the Bentley brand and lifestyle. We find new ways to create a buzz during product launches, invite customers to engaging and memorable events, as well as producing aspirational films and photography, brought together with the words that perfectly capture the mood of the marque. We also train colleagues with a product or brand focus to ensure consistency across every touchpoint for our different audiences. People who perform Bentley sales roles engage directly with our customers and potential owners, supporting our retail partners and ensuring the brand is consistently represented wherever they are in the world. See our automotive marketing and automotive communications jobs here.

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Quality control in the automotive industry is vital. Our Quality department works across every area of the business to ensure the same high standards run through every process from concept development through to ownership. We look at quality standards within Bentley, as well as supplier parts. Our objective is continuous improvement of automotive quality standards at every level, making the company more efficient and our cars the best they can be. Quality teams are involved in every vehicle project, with technical experts playing an important role on interior, exterior, powertrain, chassis and electrical modules. We are also responsible for understanding customer quality requirements and integrating them into new vehicle projects. Improving reliability and field quality are vital, so we evaluate vehicles under normal customer conditions and in the laboratory. Before any car leaves the Pyms Lane factory where all Bentley cars are crafted, it is given a final inspection inside and out, with functional and road tests to make sure it meets all our quality benchmarks. If you have experience in automotive quality control jobs, you can see our latest vacancies here.

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