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Creating an Iconic Brand: Engineering and Design

At the heart of Bentley lies a dedication to precision in design and engineering to create some of the world’s most powerful and luxurious cars. Every detail is considered, down to the tiniest screw, even if it’s hidden from view.

Design engineer automotive roles at Bentley are highly prized. And Bentley is admired and respected all over the globe for the luxury and performance of our cars. Every day, our designers and engineers work to refine and redefine the idea of the luxury motor car. They will tell you that working at Bentley is the pinnacle of automotive design jobs and it’s a great place to build automotive design careers.

There are many different jobs at Bentley. For some, it means honing the smallest details on an existing model; for others it means creating the first concept for the next model that has the potential to challenge the very definition of the luxury car.

This approach runs like a golden thread through the entire company, whether we are creating a concept car or marketing the latest model, from an innovative approach to retailer showrooms to seeking better, more efficient production techniques. Collaboration is key – our team worked closely to contain a remarkable 530 bhp engine in the Mulsanne Speed. Taking you from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and onto a top speed of 190 mph, our engineers also had to find a way to stop it too – developing the most powerful brakes on the market in the process.
You can see the result of this collaboration in every Bentley model as it drives down the street.

Our engineers and designers work to develop concept cars that set new benchmarks in the luxury automobile market. For our engineers it might mean working on perfecting Connected Car technology. For our designers, it’s the thrilling challenge of interpreting the historic Bentley design DNA and looking to the future of luxury design. The results are always engaging, often iconic and never, ever, dull. No wonder our cars are renowned the world over.

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We have a wide range of automotive engineering jobs at Bentley. Our engineers are responsible for bringing the idea of Bentley to life in every model. Whether they are looking at engineering systems holistically or analysing the smallest details, you can be certain they are focused on delivering the very best solution every time.

We have job opportunities in automotive engineering in Whole Vehicle, Body & Trim, Body in White, Chassis, Powertrain, Styling and Production. Whatever your specialist skills, you will have the chance to work with all the other engineering disciplines at Bentley to create, monitor and build cars that keep pace with the demands of our customers in a fast-moving and constantly-evolving world. If you’re interested in careers in automotive engineering and engineering roles at Bentley, please get in touch.

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Almost every element of a Bentley has some electrical or electronic component from the large-scale systems like power transmission and motor control, to mood lighting, advanced driver assistance systems and infotainment systems. Electrical engineering jobs at Bentley give you the chance to be involved at many different stages – from prototyping to calibrating energy management systems, from developing engine electrical system components to CO2 reduction initiatives. It’s a key role in the production process, beginning with design and continuing all the way to Engineering Sign-Off (ESO) for components; and also for managing component change. If you’re interested in automotive electronics and electrical engineering jobs at Bentley, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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Our designers are responsible for creating everything from the initial concept to the final design of the interior and exterior of our cars. Automotive engineering design works by projecting five years into the future, developing ideas for concept cars that eventually shape new models, as well as evolving the design details of established ranges. Key to this is an innate appreciation of the extremes of Bentley’s design DNA, delivering answers that capture our design strategy and brand values. Designers start with pencil and blank sheet of paper, then move on through many stages of 2D, 3D and digital models before a final design goes into production. We look for designers who can integrate innovative functional solutions with world-class creativity to keep Bentley at the forefront in the world of global luxury brands.  Search for design opportunities here.

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