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In a mass-produced world, Bentley prides itself on creating hand-crafted perfection. The precision of the present meets the passion of the past in our state-of-the-art factory at Pyms Lane. There’s a fine balance here between the modern, hi-tech production line and the skill of our traditional artisans, whose expertise with leather, metal and wood hand-finishes every Bentley. The level of detail is breathtaking – it takes 25 hours to contrast stitch the interior leather of the Flying Spur and another 15 hours is needed to create the veneered interior.

But manufacturing in Crewe at Bentley goes far beyond our renowned craftsmanship. Each car requires thousands of individual components; every part of the assembly process requires hours of skilled work; and every detail must be perfect before a car is signed off for delivery to the owner. Behind the finished product lies a huge team of people in automotive manufacturing roles: Production, Logistics and Planning. Working together, they help us to create each car on time and on budget. Production manages every aspect of assembling and producing our cars. Our Planning team looks at the long term from concept to full production – a timescale of years. Logistics co-ordinates hugely complex supply chains to ensure we have all the right parts and components in place. Understanding the implications of what we are doing today and how it affects what we are planning over the next five years is vital to our continuing success. To find out more about automotive manufacturing jobs at Bentley, please get in touch.

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Our production team are responsible for assembling and producing our cars. They are responsible for every aspect, crafting the hand-built cars from the chassis up. This starts with managing different areas on the production line, and our focus on continuous improvement and training using the latest technology helps our production managers develop so they’re the best they can be.

This role may involve seeing a new model through the production process to launch or building a prototype. With on-the-job training from experienced colleagues, there are opportunities to progress beyond car assembly jobs to production management. You might end up being responsible for the production of specific element of our cars, such as new engines or new driver assistance technology. There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a car from its prototype phase to full production. If you’re interested in automotive production jobs at Bentley, please get in touch.

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Fine craftsmanship is at the heart of every Bentley. “Hand-built” is no idle claim – it represents a world of expertise and experience in the creation of our exquisite cars by master craftsmen and women at Pyms Lane. Many of the luxury finishes you will find in a Bentley are only made possible by using traditional skills in wood, paint and leather. At Bentley, we pass on these skills from generation to generation. Whether it is the wood craftsmanship that lets us mirror-match beautiful wood veneers that can be traced back to the individual tree they came from, or leather craftsmen and women hand-stitching supple leather around a steering wheel, there is a rare attention to detail in everything we do. This dedication to craftsmanship is something we take to another level with Mulliner, our personal commissioning department. Here traditional craftsmanship meets innovation to create even more extraordinary cars for our customers. We are always looking for people capable of fine craftsmanship. If you think you have what it takes to handcraft a Bentley, we’d love to hear from you.

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It takes a huge amount of resource to keep the manufacture of something as complex as our cars moving efficiently. So roles in logistics are vital to our business. Parts come in from all over the world – they need to arrive on time to keep the production line running smoothly. Our logistics team are responsible for managing and co-ordinating these myriad supply chains; making sure everything is where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Logistics also research and select suppliers, analyse demand based on production volumes for each model and anticipate future demands for resources. As a result, production continuity is assured in the most efficient way and Bentley models continue to roll off the line as effortlessly as they run on the road. To find out more about automotive logistics jobs at Bentley, find out more here.

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With designers projecting five to ten years in the future, long-term planning is essential for our continued success. Our planning engineers create plans for the functional requirements of a new car – from design and development as prototype to full production when it comes on line as a real model available to our customers. With long lead times and many different departments to consider in the process, planning starts years before a car is first built. When it’s time for the car to be launched into the market, everything is in place for production to start on time and run smoothly so the cars are ready for their owners right on schedule. Interested in automotive product planning jobs? Please get in touch.

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