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Career Development

At Bentley, we believe that everyone within our strong team should have the chance to grow – academically, professionally and socially. If you are looking to start or build your career in the automotive industry, read on.

So before you even start your Bentley career you will receive a full induction pack outlining what to expect from your first day at Crewe and an overview of the things you’ll be doing to set you up for success in your new role. When you join us, we’ll help you organise a personalised objectives and career development plan that ensures you are clear about how your own achievements contribute towards the success and strategic aims of the company.

There are many career development opportunities at Bentley. As soon as you join us your career development plan is tailored to you as part of one of our internal Professional Families to support you in your current and future roles. Within each of these professional groups we provide unique on-boarding programmes, continuous professional development, automotive training programmes and essential knowledge sharing to help your career grow whichever of the specific automotive career paths you choose.

Our personal career development plans are designed by our own people and delivered in ways to suit all needs; through coaching, workshops, e-learning and events. We have developed leadership paths for people managers, and technical routes for specialists, that will support you in the next step in your career. Going beyond formal training, there is a breadth of opportunities through diverse and exciting new projects that allow you to develop new skills and experience new responsibilities.

As an international business and part of the Volkswagen Group, some roles give you the opportunity to grow your Bentley career by working overseas for us or as part of the VW AG Group.

This can be a short term opportunity, supporting a specific project for example, or longer term in order for you to gain significant international experience and build business relationships that will support you through your entire Bentley career and beyond. You’ll also have the chance to develop your linguistic skills and work alongside some of the other renowned marques in the VW AG Group portfolio.

Many people who come to work at Bentley enjoy it so much that they end up staying for their entire careers. Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve extraordinary things for yourself and for the company.