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Your Skills Your Career

The only way to create success is to surround yourself with extraordinary people. Those who not only excel in their own field but can also come together to create something that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Over the years, we have worked to find the people who are the right fit – smart, passionate and dedicated to making Bentley the most desirable luxury brand in the world. In recognition of this, we invest in supporting our colleagues from apprentices and graduates to those with years of experience to continually improve their skills and build a career path in the automotive industry. We aim to ensure our colleagues can, achieve their best, with the tools and tuition, time and space to develop and grow in their own field; or to move roles and excel in a new area.

Our approach is progressive, always striving forward in every facet of our work, from concept car to retail marketing. This is further underlined by the personal touch; the people-over-machines attitude that makes working at Bentley a very personal experience. This becomes even clearer when you see the opportunities that come up when you work here. There is a wealth of training and development opportunities in all departments and at every level to help you grow not only professionally but also academically and personally. Sometimes people discover they are interested in a different role or want to change direction in their career. We encourage people to try alternative roles, be involved with cross business projects and experience working in other departments.

Job opportunities in the automotive industry are much sought after. Much of this is down to the many challenges facing the industry. We are always looking for people to help us take on those challenges, pushing the boundaries of the possible.

For people starting out on their career journey, we have lots of different ways to weave their story into ours. We have a well-developed Graduate Scheme, designed to give an overview and experience of the business in a holistic way before specialising in one particular area. People choose to join as an apprentice, which could see them working in one of our craftareas or in commercial areas such as Purchasing, Marketing and PR. We believe in helping people become more rounded individuals when they work with us, so we ensure everyone has access to the broad range of training they need to succeed in their role

Undergraduates, internships and work experience provide the chance to discover what working at Bentley is like in a programme tailored to your level of education. Many people who start in this way often return through our graduate or apprentice programmes.

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