Experienced Professionals

Broad experience, deep expertise.

At Bentley, we are always looking for people with broad experience and deep expertise. Automotive experts and people who have been successful in other industries and different roles; people who have worked hard not only to do their job to the best of their abilities but also have taken every opportunity to broaden their skills beyond their day-to-day role.

Bentley is an established, thriving company known and revered the world over. When experienced people join us, they get the opportunities to stretch themselves and deepen their automotive expertise in ways that can be unusual for people at a more developed stage of their career.

Much of this is down to the unique nature of the work we do and the products we produce. Bentley’s expertise has always been in combining luxury and performance in a way that makes the marque so attractive to our customers. The skills required to do this go beyond the predictable – what is required often takes us out of our comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. As part of the Volkswagen Group, Bentley has the security and backing of a global company; but our relative independence within the organisation allows us to stay agile enough to remain truly innovative. As a result, our people have a great deal of autonomy and the room to stretch and develop their skills in rewarding ways.

The automotive world is changing fast with many new challenges presenting themselves every day. Some of the pressing questions we are looking at currently are at the forefront of the concerns of society. Is it possible to address environmental issues through electric powertrains? What does that mean for the luxury automotive sector? How does the “connected car” change the game for car makers and drivers? And how do we marry our renowned traditional craft skills with innovative new materials to create truly modern luxury? These are just a few of the questions that need experienced, inquisitive minds to solve them in ways that work for a brand as unique as Bentley.

Bentley also provides a wealth of training and development opportunities for automotive career professionals. We aim to give people the chance to grow professionally, academically and socially. You will have access to the resources you need to build your expertise in your chosen discipline. The Volkswagen Group also provides many opportunities to grow – with the potential to expand your experience internationally.

What sort of challenge are you looking for?  Visit our job vacancies page to see what is available. 

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